Terms of use of the service

Whoever uses the service offered by Youtube2mp3.net must agree to the following terms of service/use:

• It is prohibited to use this service to download copyrighted material from YouTube pages clearly stating that the videos are protected by copyright.

• It is prohibited to use the Youtube2mp3.net service on other sites or with other software applications.
This site has not been designed for use as an interface service.
Sites and software with clearly improper intent are banned.

• If you are in possession of copyrighted material and wish to block conversion to mp3, please contact us by filling in the contact form.
All video conversion will be disabled.
• This site does not condone piracy in any way. The sole purpose of the service is to help web users convert YouTube videos to mp3 format.

• Youtube2mp3.net saves mp3 files only for the time required for download.
Youtube2mp3.net does not collaborate with or have any commercial arrangements with YouTube.

• The user who makes use of the Youtube2mp3.net service agrees not to copy or distribute material protected by copyright.

• The user is solely responsible for making sure that the material converted to mp3 is not restricted or protected by copyright.

• Use of the Youtube2mp3.net tool is at the user’s own risk. Youtube2mp3.net cannot be held responsible for the material downloaded by users.

• The user recognizes that Youtube2mp3.net and its team members are NOT responsible for any damage attributable to the conversion and downloading of mp3 files or to improper use of the tool.

• This service is SOLELY a video to mp3 conversion tool and the consequences of illegal use